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Cutting edge 

5G  & B5G 


Developing and leading innovative communication technology solutions for a faster, cleaner, healthier and better world.


State of the art Information and  Communications Technologies (ICT) for indoor including HetNets architectures

  • Hybrid VLC-WLAN 802.11ad-LTE with Soft HO algorithms 

  • Building blocks to support the paradigm of VLC-DAS (Visible Light Communications  Distributed Antenna System)

  • Innovative very low radiation DAS  architectures (VLR-DAS)



  • Distribution of ultra-high speed data beyond 10Gbps for residential buildings

  • Downloading guided information in public places (smart-home, train station, museums, supermarkets)

  • Minimizing wireless radiation in sensitive places as hospitals

About Us

Founded in 2001 by Dr. Moshe Ran. Key activities: 

  • Management of collaborative projects

  • Evaluation services  to Israel Innovation Authority

  • Key customers:   SMEs in IL and Europe

  • Success  stories: EU FP5 UROOF project,  HOMESNET CELTIC,  H2020 Internet of Radio-Light  (IoRL) project #761992, 2017-2020

Our vision is to develop and implement evolutionary enabled short-range indoor communications technology above 10Gbps with minimum radiation levels...

"Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them" Albert Einstein

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