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R&D Activities

We are focused on wireless indoor communications based on  WLAN, WPAN including VLC which underlay safe, very high data rate above 10Gbps while maintaining very low radiation. The architecture is named Very Low Radiation - Distributed Antenna System (VLR-DAS).

ICT algorithms

Algorithmic aspects of advanced cellular communications 4G, 5G, B5G including algorithm aspects, protocol and capacity increase algorithms for multiuser communications, simulations and prototyping

 Radio and VLC over fiber-wireless

Development of key building blocks to support  air interface of radio-below-10GHz,  and Visible light Communications (VLC) over hybrid of wired - wireless channels.

WLAN technologies

WLAN 802.11 ac at 2.4GHz/5GHz and 

802.11 ad at 60GHz over hybrid wireless-wired media. Smooth hand of from WLAN to VLC and vice versa.

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